Unicorn Dance

Lily sprung out of bed, Today was the day!

“Today. Today. Mummy Today!”

Lily skipped down the hallway, abandoned toys skittling out of her way, scruffy hanging from her hand by the ear. Scruffy; a well-loved unicorn, who’d lost some stuffing over the years.

Lily brushed and brushed, to free the knots from her hair, scrubbed at her teeth until they shone white. Skipping back up the hall, her mind wandered to that dress, with the flouncy tutu and lilac sequins shaped like a butterfly.

It was a princess dress, the truest and twirliest princess dress, her favourite. She twirled for hours in it, making herself very sick once.

Today was special, Today was the day. Today she needed a princess dress. The sweetest, sweet ballet shoes slipped onto her feet, she ran up the hall, ready to leave.

“Mum, come on, we’ll be late.”

“Mmm, it’s too early to leave, I need to get dressed.”

Lily jumped on her Mum’s bed, and shook her awake, scruffy in tow, they were ready.

“Let’s go.”

While Mum shuffled about, doing the things Mum’s do, mumbling something about coffee, and it being too early.

Lily sat on the couch and chatted with Scruffy, she showed him her dance and taught him the steps.

“You know, Mr.Scruffy, this dance with you, has been the most fun.” Lily laughed and twirled Scruffy around again.

Finally, they could go, Lily skipped out the door, she couldn’t contain her excitement anymore. Lily laughed and twirled all the way to the car, waited for the beep, and scrambled in the door.

They drove, and they drove. Through the city streets, Lily watched an old man push his trolley on the footpath. A lady and her son pushed the crossing button. Workers nearby trimmed hedges and trees. Slowly but surely the were less and less people. The streets were fewer, they became great big open spaces of green, lined with trees.

“Mum! Look Cows! Mooooo.” Lily laughed, her Mum did too.

Lily fell asleep on the seat, it seemed like forever since they had left. The car bumped in the drive; Lily jolted awake. They rolled down the gravel and stopped at the gate.

“Are we here, Mummy?”

The dog came running, barking as they do; and Lily just knew.

The car stopped dead, Lily leapt from her seat; car door flung open, she ran to the gate. No time for latches or opening things up. Lily scrambled up its side and jumped from the top.

Running the rest of the drive, she could see the brick path, she followed it around and came to the back door at last. Laughing and hopping, she ran inside. Bounding and skipping, Lily jumped up, arms open wide.

“Nan! Today is the day. We can visit again!” Lily squished her face in Nan’s neck and hugged her tight.

She sprung back with a hop, “Look, Nan, Scruffy and I made a dance.”

Lily twirled, and she whirled. The joy in her dance matched only by that in her own Nan’s face. Today was the day, they could finally embrace.

© Sarah Arber 2020