For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sarah. I am an emerging writer, with some small publications in my repertoire. I am also a student at university, and a mother; among many other things. I have wanted to bring myself and my writing to a more central, public-facing, space for some time now. Writing is, like many creative outlets, a practice, and through this platform, I hope to broaden and fine-tune my craft.

 A certain level of anxiety comes with sharing something with the world that is as personal as your writing. There is that knot in my gut that serves to reassure me that this will all go wrong because there is no way others would be interested in what I have to say or the worlds I create. I choose to lean into that fear and that self-doubt; if I don’t, I may never get the opportunity to realise my full potential.

In this space, I hope to compile some of my short stories to share with you all and discuss day-to-day matters of life, career, family, and personal development; also touch on some of the fundamentals of what being a writer involves me. Writing has long been a part of who I am, a part of me that I lost in the chaos that is life. Stepping back into my roots, picking the pen up again, and immersing myself in what I know and love has been a lot of hard work, but I have loved every second of it. Getting myself to this point has been years in the making.

My creative writing currently encompasses several short stories that touch on a few different genres of fiction. They are experiments that allow me to try something new; a new style or a new perspective. For the most part, my short stories focus on human experiences that we often take for granted in day to day life. They explore these mundane moments, the possibilities they present, and people’s perception within those situations. I have also been dabbling in fantasy, tragedy, and poetry. My poetry leaves a lot to be desired, but my exploits in romance and tragedy are something that I hope to build on as foundations for future novels.

Today, however, is a special day. Alongside my welcome post I have also published one of my short stories in the Creative Writing section of the site. Please feel free to take a look and leave a comment. Feedback is key to improvement, and I would love to hear what you think.

There will be something here for everyone, and possibly nothing for some. I am just happy that I can share a part of me that I have withheld from the world for such a long time.

© Sarah Arber 2020